Chop Chilli Chop Co.
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Chop Chilli Chop was born when three friends lepak-ing on the living room floor realized they have too much they want to say. The trio figured they make sense of things best when thoughts are magnified, flipped around, stripped to its essence; manipulated, transformed, stretched to extremes, bounced off each other. They also find themselves incapable of expressing these thoughts adequately except through performance.

The Chop Chilli Chop Collective is both a process and a product. We spend a lot of time silently mulling over poster-sized paper choked with abstract scribbles; if you spot us in a cafe you're likely to think we're creating a complex battle plan. (Not far from the truth, really.) When our ideas are structured into communicable building blocks, we experiment and play around, eventually piecing them together into a performance.

We believe that our pieces are only ever in-progress. They take new forms with new insights, as we negotiate ideas and shift perspectives - with ourselves, the range of talents we collaborate with, and our audience. Chop Chilli Chop Co. is excited to share this dynamic journey with you.